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About KIT Physics Navigation

KIT Physics Navigation is an e-learning website of physics focusing on contents to be studied in high school and 1st/2nd year of university. The concept of this site is one theme per one page for good searchability, and learners can study from any page due to the link back learning. It is convinient to use this site such as a dictionary of physics. This site is positioned as a physical version of KIT Mathematics Navigation which won the new technology award in the 11th Japanese e-learning competition, and inherits the concept of KIT Mathematics Navigation.

We will further enhance the contents in KIT Physics Navigation in the future.(Creating staff


  1. Smooth bridging from high school to university

    KIT Physics Navigation provides a smooth bridging from high school knowledge to university knowledge and promotes efficient learning for students studying university physics.

  2. Connection between physics and mathematics

    In KIT Physics Navigation which is designed to appropriately link to mathematical knowledge, we aim for learners to be able to understand the relationship between physics and mathematics by associating fragmented knowledge of mathematics with the description of physical laws. By understanding the relationship, the learners gradually acquire the ability of logical thinking for physics. Mathematical contents in this site are referred to KIT Mathematics Navigation through hyperlinks.

  3. Promotion of understanding by watching movies and simulations

    By learning a physical law after watching a movie of its corresponding physical phenomenon, learners can deepen their understanding of the relationship between the dynamical phenomenon and the mathematical expression of the physical law. Moreover, motion simulations which visualize the relationship between physical phenomena and mathematical expressions are also useful to promote the understanding of physics. The good point of such simulations is that parameters can be changed interactively. By changing the value of parameters like mass, initial velocity, spring constant, we can immediately confirm the influence of the parameters on the physical phenomena.

  4. Link back learning

    Similar to KIT Mathematics Navigation, learners can study physics toward to more basic contents by following the hyperlinks in this site. So, even if they do not have accumulated knowledge of physics, they can study what they want to know while compensating the missing knowledge through hyperlinks.

  5. Utilization as ICT teaching materials

    KIT Physics Navigation is free for use. Due to the concept with one theme per one page, the physical contents in KIT Physics Navigation can be flexibly utilized as an ICT teaching material in your class if you have an internet environment. We wish that you utilize KIT Physics Navigation to practice active learning effectively and to secure the time of active learning.

For using this site

In present, in browsing this site with your smartphone, please change the setting to see the site for PC, not for smartphone.

In this site, mathematical expressions are displayed by using MathML which is an XML markup language describing mathematical notation. So, we recommend the web browsers compliant with MathML. In the case of a browser noncompliant with MathML, mathematical expressions created by MathML are displayed by using MathJax.

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