English Podcast Series

What's the English Podcast Series?

Program Details

This is an honors program. Students will work individually, with the teacher, or with a partner/partners (max. 4 people) to produce an English podcast. A podcast is similar to a radio program, but it is posted online and other people can listen or download on their computer or smartphone at any time. Students will choose the topic of their podcast based on their own interests. They can also determine how long each episode will be, but a target length should be between 10-20 minutes. The teacher will assist students in the technical aspects of recording their podcast, as well as helping them with English. The teacher will be present during the recording of the each podcast to help with any English problems.

Making a podcast gives students a chance to actually use the English grammar and vocabulary they already know to talk about things they are interested in and familiar with. As students grow more comfortable using English, their overall ability to communicate will increase. Creating a podcast will also benefit other KIT students by providing them with another English resource that they can use to practice listening outside of class.

Simply having knowledge of a foreign language does not mean that a person can speak that language. This is a problem for many students who have studied English for a long time but have not had many opportunities to use it. Creating a podcast will provide valuable experience in actually using English.


There is no set schedule, but students should first decide how often they want to make new episodes, hopefully once a week or once every two weeks. Students must take time to decide the topic/contents of each episode and practice talking about it (approximately 1 hour per episode). They will also need to have a brief production meeting with the teacher before each episode (approximately 15-20 minutes). Finally, they should plan on taking about 30 minutes to actually record the podcast.

Target Students

All years, all departments. Any students who are interested in using English to talk about their interests are encouraged to join. There is no limit on how many students can join this project.

Message to Students

Even if you don’t think your English ability is good enough to join this project, please give it a try. The teacher will help you decide a topic and give you ideas about what to talk about, and help you learn the necessary English. No technical skills are necessary to join this project.

If you are interested in joining this program, contact Casey Bean.

Email: caseyb@neptune.kanazawa-it.ac.jp


KIT is a brand name of Kanazawa Institute of Technology.

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